The world’s first actually intelligent wi-fi, designed specifically for your apartment.

What is Intelligent Wi-Fi?

We’re glad you asked

Right now, you pay one of the big guys too much and all they give you is internet that is stuck in your apartment? We would never. With Aerwave, your private Wi-Fi network comes with you across your entire property. And the best part? You don’t have to do anything. We make it seamless to connect anywhere on your property and you can browse safely and securely knowing you’ve got your own Wi-Fi network.


Sign up and get your wi-fi network instantly connected across your entire apartment community.


This is your wi-fi network, not some public, shared one. You decide who has access.


We use enterprise-grade security, which means you can browse knowing all of your data is safe.

All of this. For less than what you’re paying now.

Internet, but without routers.

Your Wi-Fi network is delivered on a unified enterprise-grade system that spans your entire apartment community.

(Uh, what?)

So, basically, your Wi-Fi network is in your apartment, in the fitness center, at the pool, and on the roof! (Even though you may not be allowed on the roof.)

This all means that you don’t need a router to get your Wi-Fi network. No need to wait for a technician or do any self-installation. Just click “Sign Up” and you’ve got internet in less than 60 seconds!

The Core of Aerwave

Security & Privacy

Aerwave was built around a patent-pending technology first, centered on an idea that the shared Internet should be a thing of the past. So we created the world’s first intelligent Wi-Fi system that allows users to create a private Wi-Fi network in seconds, and keep that same network anywhere they connect. And because it’s private, you control it with our easy-to-use web portal.

Private SSID

You still get your own wi-fi network, but without the hassle of a router. Talk about keeping it simple.

Private VLAN

Behind the scenes, your data is secure with its own Virtual LAN (VLAN), meaning it’s separate from all your neighbors.

Unique Encryption

Your data is encrypted differently than your neighbors, adding extra security as it travels over the air and to the internet.